Desktop Pet (eSheep 64bit)

Add a screen mate to your desktop

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Version 1.2.5

Solved bugs:

  • Childs
    • On multiscreens, a child (second animation) never appeared on the secondary screen.
  • Sounds
    • Due a wrong sound library version, the sounds never played in the last release.
  • Settings
    • Settings didn’t loaded correctly in the portable version
    • If you saved something, on the next start, the default value was token

New features

  • Now you can move the window and the mate will move with it, without falling down
  • Negima! mascots added to the pets*
  • The taskbar was always hiding the pet. Now the pet will try to set the topmost on each animation. Probably I have to remove this if you can’t use the taskbar anymore…

For UWP / Windows store app

  • the settings didn’t applied immediately, but only after a new start - issue 37
  • volume settings had a strange format (example 10.500000005% instead of 10.5%)

Negima! has a collection of many characters (mascots). I added 2 just to show how they are, for more info, visit the mate page:

Thank you for your help and all your feedbacks!

Written on October 17, 2019