Desktop Pet (eSheep 64bit)

Add a screen mate to your desktop

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Do you want create your own screen mate? It is simple once you have a sprite sheet. If you have it, 90% of the work is already done!
Now you just need to set a sequence to let it animate. This is done with a xml file.

Pet editor

If you want begin with the simple way, just download the free editor for editing this xml from this repository:

But if you are a guru, you can also download a simple XML editor and write it by yourself.
The XML is documented in the WIKI section of this page.

Sprite sheets

It is not easy to create a good pixel sprite sheet. So, the easiest way is to download a sheet from the web.
You can find some resources from this blog post.
If you are a good designer, you can create your own sprites and use some tools to create a sprite sheet.


The xml animation has an icon, this must be 48x48 pixel. If you have just an image, you can use some converters like:


Icon and spritesheet are merged in the xml file. So they have to be base64-formatted. If you use the pet editor, this is done automatically. But you can convert online your files with:

This is all! If you need any help, just leave me a message.