Desktop Pet (eSheep 64bit)

Add a screen mate to your desktop

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What is eSheep?

This sheep is a screen mate. It isn't really an application, it will not help you for anything and is not an utility. So in facts, it is an inutility.

Note: this is not the original sheep! As the original does not work on 64-bit systems. It is just a copy of the original one!

This screen mate is just able to "detect" your windows, task and screen borders. In this way it is able to walk around staying in topmost.

The original sheep was made in 1995 and was distributed with many names:
  • eSheep
  • Scmpoo
  • Screen mate Poo
  • Stray Sheep

Stray Sheep

Original application

This GitHub project was made to see the old sheep again, since the old one was a 16-bit application and was working only on Windows 3.11 to Windows 95.

If you want download the original application, please visit this page:

The original webpage from Village Center is not available anymore, you can find some info in the Webarchive:

Who is this sheep?

The Sheep program is based on the work of Japanese animator Tatsutoshi Nomura's 1994 "Stray Sheep" series of five-minute animation shorts that were shown at midnight on the Fuji Television network in Japan.

A series of books followed from Mr. Nomura a decade later as well as other merchandise including Playstation games.

Stray Sheep is still active and the webpage is (japanese):
Translated version:

Here a sample video of this stray sheep: