Desktop Pet (eSheep 64bit)

Add a screen mate to your desktop

View the Project on GitHub Adrianotiger/desktopPet

Android App

Test version for Android

With Xamarin, it is possible to write c# apps for Android.

So, with just some small changes, I was able to port the sheep also on the play store.

You can download a test version from here (it is not public - you need this direct link to download it):

Download from Google Play

It is just a test, not an alpha or beta version. So please do not report any issue or requests! If you like it, you can post your comments on this blog post.

Developer problems: If a Xamarin or Android developer can help me with the screen/bar sizes I would be really happy!

  1. I need to use the screen density and dp to convert my pets to the right size as it should still be pixelated. But I can’t understand what I need to convert (screen, menu bar, navigation bar, …)
  2. I need to detect the size of the key bar (bottom) and the status bar (top). I need also to find out the available screen size. Still can’t find a good solution to retrieve all sizes.
Written on May 15, 2021