Desktop Pet (eSheep 64bit)

Add a screen mate to your desktop

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Rainbow sheeps

Version 8.0 is available

Oliver released a new version of the sheeps, adding many colors (rainbow) and improving the animations.

  • Rolling bounce and screen wrap animations.
  • Instant turn around during run and jumps.
  • New bath and rocket launch sounds.
  • Wall and ground slide animations.
  • Wall jump/kick jump animations.
  • New alien spawn animation.
  • Staring/sleeping animation.
  • Walk-off death animation.
  • Removed clone spawning.
  • Bath sequence fixed.
  • Polished just about everything.

And much more!

For more information about it and write some comments directly to the designer, open this page:

Thank you Oliver and all followers :D

Written on May 18, 2021