Desktop Pet (eSheep 64bit)

Add a screen mate to your desktop

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Version 1.2.304 oct 2019:

  • Fixed cutting problem
  • Auto update over GitHub for portable version
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2019 and with new libraries
  • UWP: better option dialog

Version 1.2.208 jul 2019:

  • Improved border detection, also top and bottom border (not only left and right)
  • Some times on respawn, pet was cut in a wrong way

Version 1.2.102 jul 2019:

  • Improved border detection, now the pet will walk until the border was reached, not before.
  • Improved multiscreen, pet will not be visible on the second screen when it leaving the area to respaw
  • Improved spawn, it should not blink anymore before spawning again
  • NEKO, another mate from 1995 is now available
  • GITHUB-Mates! From now, UWP, portable and javascript applications can access the GitHub repository to download new pets.
  • Please use the offline editor before uploading the new animation on GitHub as it will validate your xml and check it.

Version 1.2.012 jun 2019:

  • Same version as the UWP (Windows 10) version - now as portable (see GitHub).
  • Without certificate, maybe the antivirus will give a warning
  • Multiscreen added (set it in the option dialog)
  • If the application is not installed, the settings are saved in the application folder
  • Support for new animations format (https instead of http), since in future the animations will be moved to github.

Version 1.0.713 jan 2018:

  • Improvement in the option dialog (help over GitHub).
  • My certificate will expire in 5 days and the price is too high now… Don’t know if I will ever pay a new certificate :P

Version 1.0.612 aug 2017:

  • Under options you can start multiple pets when the application starts.

Version 1.0.507 mar 2017:

  • Multiple childs can be created from the same animation ID
  • Online editor can check your xml values, so it gives less errors on the application once released
  • Check the new animations under Options!

Version 1.0.422 feb 2017:

  • Solved a bug with the icon, if you downloaded an animation with a wrong icon it was not possible to run the app again

Version 1.0.308 feb 2017:

  • Developers can generate agraphically image from the XML animation: see blog (thank you Robin)
  • Improved memory usage (thank you Robin)
  • Offset of the pet was not calculated correctly

Version 1.0.202 feb 2017:

  • Solved a bug when the sheep was falling (app crashed)
  • Window will not be set on foreground anymore (you can set it back under options, if you want it)
  • The entire documentation can be found online on github now.

Version 1.0.121 jan 2017:

  • Solved a bug with the fullscreen (pet was set in background even if there wasn’t a fullscreen window)
  • Increased stability with wrong formatted animations
  • New certificate to sign open source application (last one was expired)

Version 1.0.001 jan 2017:

  • Version 1.0! This application works without any big bugs now :D
  • Fullscreen detection, if a movie is playing, the sheep will not be on top most anymore
  • Bring to top, if you click on the tray icon, the sheep will be on top most again

Version 0.9.8 (beta)13 aug 2016:

  • If sound player fails, you can see the error on options.
  • Corrected the position of the pet if you have the taskbar on the top.
  • Removed the async sound, please use the gSheep pet (under option), it is much better than my sheep :P

Version 0.9.7 (beta)19 jun 2016:

  • Default animation had too much sounds
  • Pet can create childs and child can create sub-childs.

Version 0.9.6 (beta)14 jun 2016:

  • Border collision sets the pet on the right position.
  • Possibility to add sounds (NAudio was implemented)
  • Option dialog redesigned

Version 0.9.5 (beta)17 apr 2016:

  • Child can’t be picked anymore
  • Animation will not steal anymore current window focus when created
  • Application update notification appear only if the application is installed
  • The last frame of a single animation was not executed correctly
  • Solved bug with offsetY in the XML animation

Version 0.9.4 (beta)16 apr 2016:

  • Solved a bug with screen border detection
  • If an update is available, the changelog will be show

Version 0.9.3 (beta)14 apr 2016:

  • Double click to close a single pet
  • Publish and create an installer with your PET without see any sheep on the app!
  • Solved child animations bugs
  • A respawn will be executed when pet is outside the screen and not on collision with the borders
  • 3 new animations for the sheep
  • General improvements, like fading pet or installing application

Version 0.9.2 (beta)25 mar 2016:

  • Optimized source code
  • Reading XML with XML serialisation instead of the internal parser
  • Smoother movements of the pet

Version 0.9.1 (beta)25 feb 2016:

  • Solved a bug with the Culture (countries with “,” as comma)

Version 0.9.0 (beta)04 feb 2016:

  • Solved falling bug (window was always take to front)
  • Installer integrated in the application
  • Signed with SHA-2 Certum Open Source Certificate

Version 0.8.8 (beta)03 feb 2016:

  • Code comments updated: API documentation
  • If a pet can’t be spawn, a default position will be used.
  • About box shows you the information of the current animation.
  • Possibility to install application directly from the app.
  • Application can be copied in the windows autostart menu!

Version 0.8.5 (beta)27 jan 2016:

  • Code is commented and uploaded here: API documentation
  • Window will not flash anymore when the sheep fall over it
  • Sheep XML animation was optimized
  • Solved a little bug when an animation was over
  • Application can be executed twice

Version 0.8.1 (beta)21 jan 2016:

  • Begun to commenting source code
  • Optimized xml/xsl for animations
  • Added detection to screen borders
  • Try the beta pet: Arcanoid (go under options and select BETA PET: Nr “7”)
  • Optimized the online pet editor

Version 0.8 (beta)15 jan 2016:

  • Added a certificate to the application (to increase reputation)
  • More “child” animations features
  • Solved some bugs with option and about box
  • A new webpage design!

Version 0.7 (beta)11 jan 2016:

  • Added child animations, for bath/flowers and so on
  • Under option, you can select between 2 animations
  • Make your PET under XML generator
  • Added a new animation to the sheep

Version 0.6.1 (beta)06 jan 2016:

  • xml and xsd updated, to allow more functionality and more flexibility.
  • XML generator, to allow you to create your mate!

Version 0.6 (beta)03 jan 2016:

  • Run-animation was wrong (sheep running to the screen border)
  • New collaborator Sergi made some changes:
  • removed the mountain and replaced it with a tray icon
  • added an about box

Version 0.5 (beta)23 dec 2015:

  • Rewrote completly the code, to be open source
  • Sheep can take a bath

  • You can create your own animation!!!
  • Check the project page: GitHub
  • Check the manual page to create your own animation: Wiki

Version 0.3 (beta)15 dec 2015:

  • Better performance
  • Optimized window detection and detect if window is not anymore in foreground
  • Sheep can pee
  • Sheep can fall down from taskbar (reborn)
  • Sheep can take a bath

Version 0.2 (beta)10 dec 2015:

  • Added “info dialog” functionality
  • Sheep can sleep in 2 different ways
  • Sheep falls down in a better way
  • Detect window on the desktop and walk on it
  • Hurt on the screen border
  • Kill all sheeps

Version 0.1 (beta):

  • First version. Sheep can walk and run on the taskbar.